Ambrose Caliver

Ambrose Caliver

Ambrose Caliver

A major contributor to the field of adult education, Dr. Ambrose Caliver devoted much of his professional life to adult literacy. While this area continued to occupy his interest and best efforts, he also took an active role in such matters as displaced persons, human rights, public affairs, aging, and professional development of adult educators.

Born in 1894, Caliver began his career as a high school principal in Tennessee. Before his death in 1962 he served in the following capacities: faculty member at Fisk University; specialist in the education of Negroes, United States Office of Education; organizer of the National Advisory Committee on the Education on Negroes. 

He was implementer of a number of national surveys, including the National Survey of Teacher Education, the National Secondary Education Survey, the National Survey of the Vocational and Educational Guidance of Negroes, and the National Survey of the Higher Education of Negroes; director of a number of workshops dealing with the development of adult literacy programs as well as the professional development of adult educators; initiator of a series of dramatic educational radio broadcasts on Negroes’ participation in American life; member of the Displaced Person’s Commission; and president of the Adult Education Association. (MN)

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