Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright (born Frank Lincoln Wright) lived from 1867 to 1959. During most of these years, from 1885 to 1959, he was a prolific architect, with close to 500 of his designs built (and hundreds more remaining unbuilt) – a career lasting three quarters of a century, and unequaled in output.

Mr. Wright worked for architects J. Lyman Silsbee and Louis Sullivan, and he later himself trained many architects at his Taliesin School. Frank Lloyd Wright expoused “organic architecture” and is responsible for the Prairie and Usonian residential styles. 

Mr. Wright was born in Wisconsin, and he lived most of his life there, also spending some time living in New York City, Germany, Japan, Oak Park (Illinois), and the winter location of his school in Arizona. Mr. Wright had three wives and several children. The third wife, Olgivanna Wright ran the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture until her death in 1985.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s views on architectural space, ornamentation, and relationship to site, and concerning the place of architecture in art, life and philosophy have inspired generations of architects and artists all over the world. Explore “All-Wright Site” (and the other sites linked from it) to find out about different aspects of the life and work of a man considered by many to be the greatest architect who ever lived.

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