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Lloyd Augustus Hall

Lloyd August Hall

Lloyd August Hall

Born: June 20, 1894
Died: January 2, 1971
Birthplace: Elgin, Illinois
Occupation: Chemist and Inventor

Lloyd August Hall received his Bachelor of Science from Northwestern University in 1914, a Master of Science from Northwestern in 1916, and a Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) from Virginia State College in 1944. Dr. Hall has served as junior and senior Sanitary Chemist of the Department of Health laboratories for the city of Chicago, Illinois from 1915 to 1919. He also served as chief chemist for John Morrel and Company of Ottuma, Illinois (1919-1921). He was President of the Chemical Products Corporation, Chicago from 1921 to 1924. Dr. Hall served as Consultant for Griffith’s Laboratories from 1925 to 1929, later as Technical Director and Chief Chemist of Griffith’s Laboratories in Chicago, Illinois from 1929 to 1946. From 1946 to 1959 Lloyd hall served as Technical Director. 

Lloyd Hall served as an assistant chief inspector of high explosives and research for United States government in World War I. Lloyd Hall served as a consultant in the subsistence development and research laboratories of the Quartermaster Corps of the United States Army during World War II. Dr. Hall is the holder of over 100 patents in the United States, Britain, and Canada.

After his retirement, he became a consultant to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Lloyd Hall is responsible for the meat curing products, seasonings, emulsions, bakery products, antioxidants, protein hydrolysates, and many other products that keep our food fresh and flavorable. Many of today’s food preservative chemicals were pioneered by Dr. Hall’s research. Prior to his discoveries, food preservatives were a matter of chances; the most common preservative was a mixture of sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite. Preservation could be unreliable, where too much sodium nitrite turned foods bitter and unpalatable but too little would not protect against spoilage. Lloyd Hall developed a successful combination of complex chemical salt which has proved to be t he most satisfactory curing salt marketed in this country. He has developed new processes for the sterilization of spices, cereals, and other food materials, and pharmaceuticals which are widely used today. (Carwell)

Areas of expertise and research
  • meat product proteins
  • colloids and emulsions
  • fats, oils, and yeast food
  • bakery materials
  • protein hydrosalates
  • flavoring and seasoning of foods and beverages
  • sterilization of foods, colloids, and enzymes
  • chemotherapeutic products
  • food and biological chemistry
Memberships and Awards
  • Board of Directors, American Institute of Chemists
  • Honor Scroll Award, American Institute of Chemists (1956)
  • First black to hold office in the 32-year history of Food Chemists
  • Member of Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • Sigma Xi
  • Honorary Secretary and Chairman of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee, Institute of Food Chemistry
  • American Chemical Society
  • Alpha Phi Alpha
  • American Public Health Association
  • American Academy of Arts and Sciences (AAAS)
  • American Oil Chemists’ Society
  • Illinois State Academy of Science
  • American Association of Cereal Chemists
Patents Issued to Lloyd August Hall
# Patent Co-Inventor Invention Title Date
1 U.S.1,882,834 E.E. Mortell Asphalt Emulsion and Manufacture Thereof. Oct. 18, 1932
2 U.S.1,914,351 E.L. Griffith Protective Coating. June 13, 1933
3 U.S.1,995,119 C.L Griffith Solid Seasoning Composition Containing Capsicum and Chloride. Mar. 19, 1935
4 U.S.1,995,120 C.L. Griffith Nonbleaching Solid Seasoning Composition. Mar. 19, 1935
5 U.S.1,995,121 C.L. Griffith Stabilized Solid Seasoning Composition. Mar. 19, 1935
6 U.S.2,022,464 Vitamin Concentration. Nov. 26, 1935
7 U.S.2,032,612 C.L. Griffith Solid Seasoning Composition Containing Lecithin. Mar. 3, 1936
8 U.S.2,097,405 Manufacture of Bleached Pepper Products. Oct. 26, 1937
9 U.S.2,107,697 C.L. Griffith Sterilizing Foodstuffs. Feb. 8, 1938
10 U.S.2,117,478 Curing Meats and the Like. May 17, 1938
11 U.S.2,142,871 Homogeneous Alkaline Detergent and Producing Same. Jan. 3, 1939
12 U.S.2,145,471 Stabilizing Nitrate Salt Composition. Jan. 3, 1939
13 U.S.2,142,870 C.L. Griffith Alkaline Detergent Compound. Jan. 3, 1939
14 U.S.2,144,371 C.L. Griffith Edible Dusting Powder. Jan. 17, 1939
15 U.S.2,155,045 Inhibited Detergent Composition. April 18, 1939
16 U.S.2,155,046 Inhibited Detergent Composition. April 18, 1939
17 U.S.2,155,417 Manufacture of Protein Composition. April 25, 1939
18 U.S.2,171,428 Composition of Matter. Aug. 28, 1939
19 U.S.2,189,947 Sterilization Process. Feb. 13, 1940
20 U.S.2,189,948 Sterilization of Pancreatin. Feb. 13, 1940
21 U.S.2,189,949 Sterilizing Colloid Materials. Feb. 13, 1940
22 U.S.2,251,334 Protein Composition of Matter. Aug. 5, 1941
23 U.S.2,260,897 C.L. Griffith Seasoning Material Derived From Red Peppers
and the Derivation Thereof.
Oct. 28, 1941
24 U.S.2,321,673 Yeast Food June 15, 1943
25 Re.22,284 C.L.Griffith Sterilization Process. Mar. 9, 1943
26 U.S.2,357,650 Puncture Sealing Composition and Manufacture Thereof. Sept. 5, 1944
27 U.S.2,363,730 Manufacture of Nitrogen-Fortified Whey Concentrate. Nov. 28, 1944
28 U.S.2,385,412 Capsicum-Containing Seasoning Composition. Sept. 25, 1945
29 U.S.2,414,299 Production of Protein Hydrolysate Flavoring Material. Jan. 14, 1947
30 U.S.2,464,200 Manufacture of Stable Papain Composition. Mar. 15, 1949
31 U.S.2,464,928 Phospholipid Carrier for Antioxidant. Mar. 27, 1949
32 U.S.2,477,742 Gelatin-Base Coating for Food and the Like. Aug. 2, 1949
33 U.S.2,464,927 L.L.Gershbein Antioxidant. Mar. 22, 1949
34 U.S.2,493,288 Synergistic Antioxidants and Preparing the Same. Jan. 3, 1950
35 U.S.2,500,543 Antioxidant . Mar. 14, 1950
36 U.S.2,511,802 Synergistic Antioxidant. June 13, 1950
37 U.S.2,511,803 Antioxidant Flakes. June 13, 1950
38 U.S.2,518,233 Synergestic Antioxidant Containing Amino Acids. Aug. 8, 1950
39 U.S.2,511,804 L. Sair Antioxidant Salt. June 13, 1950
40 Re.23,329 Antioxidant. Jan. 16, 1951
41 U.S.2,536,171 Production of Protein Hydrolysate. Jan. 2, 1951
42 U.S.2,571,867 L. Sair Spice Extraction and Product. Oct. 16, 1951
43 U.S.2,553,533 S.L. Komarik Curing Process for Bacon. May 15, 1951
44 U.S.2,571,948 L. Sair Spice Extraction and Producing. Oct. 16, 1951
45 U.S.2,668,770 Manufacturing of Meat-Curing Composition. Feb. 9, 1954
46 U.S.2,668,771 Stable Curing Salt Composition and Manufacture Thereof. Feb. 9, 1954
47 U.S.2,677,616 1954
48 U.S.2,758,931 Antioxidant Composition. Aug. 14, 1956
49 U.S.2,761,784 Reaction Product of Polyoxyethylene Derivative of a Fatty Acid Partial Ester of Hexitol Anhydride and Citric Acid and an Antioxidant Containing the Same. Sept. 4, 1956
50 U.S.2,770,549 Meat Curing Salt Composition. Nov. 13, 1956
51 U.S.2,772,169 Antioxidant Material and Use of Said Materials in Treating Meat. Nov. 27, 1956
52 U.S.2,772,170 Antioxidant Composition. Nov. 27, 1956
53 U.S.2,770,548 W.S. Kalchbrenner Meat-Curing Salt Composition. Nov. 13, 1956
54 U.S.2,770,550 Meat-Curing Salt Composition. Nov. 13, 1956
55 U.S.2,770,551 W.S. Kalchbrenner Meat-Curing Salt Composition. Nov. 13, 1956
56 U.S.2,813,032 Antioxidant Containing the Same. Nov. 12, 1957
57 U.S.2,845,358 H.L. Gleason Method of Preserving Fresh Frozen Pork Trimmings. July 29, 1958
58 U.S.2,938,766 Sterilization of Hospital and Physician’s Supplies. May 31, 1960
59 U.S.2,981,628 Antioxidant Composition. Apr. 25, 1961
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