The BlackUSA History Site has been on the Internet since 1996.

From the very beginning, the primary function of the site has been to display a different black history fact each day. We also provide free HTML code enabling other web sites to display daily Black history facts.

The site development and hosting over the years has been donated by sponsors Orbital Link, S.H. Watkins Associates, Raimore Construction, Sunman Media and C.C.C.S. The most recent addition to the site added extensions that allow for more community participation in the material posted on the site.

For future development, the web site will always contain the most recent Black history information (the main data repository is the web site database.) The site will also be used to gather survey information, provide an interactive interface for the database and a forum to distribute current news and information. Planned web site developments include:

  • Updating the database to include a date for each item.
  • Modification of the web site to display the events that relate to each date in history, rather than the current sequential-item-per-day method.
  • Addition and updating of the photos and artwork for all data items.
  • An online curriculum and quiz module for student use.
  • A list service allowing subscribers to receive daily history facts by email.
  • Speech extensions to allow the vision impaired access the database.
  • A downloadable program which accesses the online database to create a Black history encyclopedia/search/quiz module on the user computer.
  • Enhanced web link modules to allow other web sites to include and display Black history information on their home page sites.
  • Android and Blackberry apps to display and access the database.
  • Development of a Windows desktop Black History widget.

This project is entirely funded by private sources and businesses. If you would like to help us out with this project please get in touch.

Visit the site every day to get your new Black history fact as well as current black interest news, entertainment reviews, daily food for thought, the recipe database and much more!